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General Services Offered in Belleville

At dentalhouse Victoria Dental Arts, we offer the Belleville community various treatments to improve your oral health including fillings, hygiene appointments, crowns, root canals, and dentures!

Dentistry to keep Belleville's families healthy!

Our dedicated team provides patients and their families in Belleville with a comprehensive range of dental services. Our goal is to keep our patients healthy and smiling.

Each patient is unique, and we will work with you at every step to ensure your treatment plan is the best option for you. We want to provide you and your family with the great dental care that you deserve.

General Services, Belleville Dentist


Fillings may be recommended if your tooth has decay, or a fracture and requires repair. » Learn More

Preventive Hygiene

Dental hygiene is essential to your oral health as it directly affects your overall health. » Learn More

Crowns & Bridges

Our Belleville team can provide dental crown and bridge procedures to help give you the smile you deserve. » Learn More

Root Canal Therapy

If you're experiencing pain, you may need a root canal. Our dental professionals can help you remove the infection in your tooth. » Learn More


Dentures provide patients with another option to fill their smile. This removable dental appliance could help you! » Learn More

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