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Crowns & Bridges

dentalhouse Victoria Dental Arts in Belleville offers crowns and bridges as treatments to correct your smile and fill the gaps in your smile.

What is a crown?

When a tooth is cracked, decayed, or damaged, we may recommend a dental crown to be fitted onto the effected tooth. A dental crown is a more permanent solution to cover the natural tooth. Crowns are often made of porcelain, gold or a combination of both materials.

Porcelain crowns are similar in appearance and colour to a natural tooth. However, they are less likely to be recommended for your back molars, as they may to be less durable than other materials.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a device used to fill the space where a tooth has fallen out or has been removed. A typical dental bridge consists of a filler tooth that is attached to two surrounding crowns. Once complete, this bridge structure is bonded or cemented into the mouth.

Without the use of a bridge, spaces in the mouth from missing teeth can cause multiple teeth to shift, lead to bad bites, and/or jaw problems, and may cause gum disease.

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